I left mine unadjusted after lifting the Jeep becasue fuck you other driver. Nah, it's really because I'm just lazy. I love when people flash me like "your highs are on", so I always flash back and light up the tree tops. » 10/20/14 4:35pm Yesterday 4:35pm

From your title I thought you were going to say your dropping out of college to go to the Paul Mitchell school of hairdressing and makeup (or whatever). Didn't get the Miata joke until I re-read this. I'm starting to think they spiked my beer at the golf course last night becasue DAMN! I'm just not with it at all… » 10/20/14 4:33pm Yesterday 4:33pm

"Farmings been in my family since 1831. My great-great-great-great-grand daddy built this property all those years ago. The farming life style is how I was raised and its how I will raise my children, and hopefully, how they will raise theirs as well." » 10/20/14 3:01pm Yesterday 3:01pm

Its a 3.0 which means it has 3.0 cylinders, that's why it's so good on gas. Its a manual becasue I manually have to shift it into gear, the car does not automatically know which way I want it to go so it's not an auto. And it's definitely the RWD model becasue every time I take a corner it feels like the back end is… » 10/20/14 2:32pm Yesterday 2:32pm

Reason # e654x9587 why I will never move to California

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the first test of mileage-based road taxes in the Golden State. The bill, which passed the state legislature with the backing of transit agencies, environmental groups and most major automakers, creates a 15-person panel to oversee a pilot of pay-by-the-mile taxation by 2018.

» 10/17/14 7:57pm Friday 7:57pm